Alphabetical Updated: 5/31/2018
Name Title Ext #      Room # Email Address
Adams, Kayla Assistant Coach, Women's Softball 574-1261 PE 109
Akins, Eric Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor 574-1227 Steam Plant
Anderson, Dr. Tonnia Assistant Professor of History and American Studies 574-1312 DH 222D
Ast, Sharon Accounting Clerk, Business Office 574-1355 TH 220
Avery, Alexis Neurodiversity Center Assistant (Neill-Wint Center for Neurodiversity) 574-1279 TH 118
Baker, Emily Enrollment and Records Specialist 574-1206 TH 204
Ball, Dottie Administrative Assistant, Maintenance & Physical Plant 574-1233 Maintenance Office
Bare, Sharla  Payroll Clerk, Business Office 574-1335 TH 220
Barker, Richard Head Coach, Women's Volleyball 574-1314 PE 114
Barnes, Dr. Cammie Associate Professor of Mathematics 574-1269 AH 103
Barron, Taylor Creative and Print Services Manager, Printshop 574-1280 TH 124
Beaty, Leslie Athletic Trainer 574-1398 FH 101
Bellemain, Dr. Annick Professor of Foreign Languages 574-1268 DH 249
Boyce, Lynn Student Services & Enrollment Management Specialist 574-1215 SC 302
Boyde, Dr. Nicholas Assistant Professor of Chemistry 574-1285 AH 210A
Braden, Ricky Carpenter N/A N/A
Brantley, Michael Carpenter N/A N/A
Brashears, Paula Administrative Assistant, Business Office 574-1211 TH 220
Brown, Dr. Brenda Professor of English 574-1207 DH 119
Brown, Kelly Vice President for Library & Information Technology Services 574-1262 NL 202
Bruce, Dr. John Professor of Language and Literature 574-1236 DH 222
Burgess, Jill Director for NASNTI Title III Grant 574-1317 TH 306B
Carlson, Tamara Operations Manager, EDC (Chickasha Economic Development Council) 574-3478 Canning Hall, first floor
Casey, Dr. JC Professor of Communication 574-1242 DH 115
Coburn, Brian Technical Director / Facilities Manager 574-1264 DH 106C
Coker, Tom Computer Technician, Library and Information Technology Services 574-1359 AH 113
Copeland, Christa Instructor of Business 574-1265 TH 316
Coponiti, Laura Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid 574-1350 TH 112
Coponiti, Mike Vice President for Business & Finance 574-1333 TH 220
Crick, Niall Assistant Coach, Men’s & Women’s Soccer / International Admissions Recruiter 574-1347 PE 115
Crow, Dr. Kevin Professor of History 574-1216 DH 202A
Davis, Davin Catering Supervisor, Sodexo-Campus Services 224-6050 Student Center, Cafeteria
Davis, Katie Professor of Theatre Arts  574-1310 DH 106B
Davis, Patty Custodian N/A N/A
Doughan, Dr. Dany Associate Professor of Chemistry 574-1313 AH 203
Duncan, David Television Production Specialist, Communications & Marketing 574-1214 NL 106B
Eggar, Chad Administrative Assistant, Student Success Center 574-1316 NL 305
Elkins, Christy President & CEO, EDC (Chickasha Economic Development Council) 574-3477 Canning Hall, first floor
Ersland, Cassandra Director of Development 574-1393 TH 110
Erwin, Michael "Scott" Security Officer 405-222-8066 SH Security Office
Feaver, Dr. John President of the University 574-1201 TH 210
Feaver, Marilyn Executive Director, Southwest Oklahoma Impact Coalition 574-1368 NL 302
Finch, Rhenada Staff Accompanist for Piano Recitals 574-1297 DH 251
Finck, Dr. James Associate Professor of American History 574-1229 DH 202B
Francis, Chris Head Coach, Men's Basketball 574-1329 FH 103
Fuston, Cynthia Administrative Assistant for University Advancement/Foundation 574-1349 TH 106
Garneau, Dr. Chris Associate Professor of Sociology 574-1243 DH 223
Goddard, Amy Director of Communications & Marketing 574-1337 TH 102
Gonzalez, Jose Custodian N/A N/A
Gower, Dr. Donna Director of Teacher Education / Director of Assessment / Chair for Education and Speech Language Pathology, and Associate Professor of Education 574-1253 GH 106B
Gregg, David Security Officer (part-time) 405-222-8066 SH Security Office
Guerrero, Sheila Manager, Bookstore (Texas Book Company) 574-1304 Student Center
Hampton, Dria Assistant Coach, Women’s Soccer 574-1370 PE 115
Hampton, Jimmy Head Coach, Men's & Women's Soccer / Adjunct Instructor 574-1358 PE 115
Hammersberg, Jenni Administrative Assistant for Student Services  574-1278 SC 303
Hanks, Lisa Assistant Director of Financial Aid 574-1240 TH 112
Hanson, Dr. Jan Professor of Music 574-1298 DH 237A
Hargis, Dr. Jerry Regents Professor of Communications N/A DH 204B
Harris, Tony Building & Structure Supervisor N/A N/A
Haselwood, Dr. Scott Director of Instructional Technology 574-1348 GH 206E
Hector, Dr. Nancy Professor of Education & Coordinator of Field-Based Experiences 574-1354 GH 206B
Hester, Dr. Lee Professor of American Indian Studies 574-1289 DH 229
Hilburn, Beckie Web Coordinator, Communications & Marketing 574-1369 TH 103
Holt, Conor Associate Head Coach, Men’s & Women’s & Track and Field/Cross Country Coach N/A N/A
Hopkins, Jim Database Administrator II (Part-Time) 574-1224 TH 309
Houtz, Jani Administrative Assistant, Math/Science-AM; Instructional Technology  574-1284 AH 210
Hudson, Sid Vice President for University Advancement / Executive Director, USAO Foundation Board of Directors / Head Coach, Cross Country 574-1324 TH 106B
Hughes, Nancy Dean of Students, Student Services 574-1330 SC 301
Hwang, Dr. Yunjae Assistant Professor of Deaf Education 574-1241 CH 210
Ingraham, Bill Mechanical Maintenance Technician 574-1227 N/A
Irby, Kirk Groundskeeper N/A N/A
Jennings, Joyce Custodian N/A N/A
John, Kristi Institutional Research Analyst 574-1321 TH 313
Johnson, Dianna Custodian N/A N/A
Jones, Dr. Rachel Assistant Professor of Biology 574-1252 AH 211B
Jones, Terry Security Officer (part-time) 405-222-8066 SH Security Office
Kangas, Dr. Alex Assistant Professor of Economics 574-1342 TH 312
Karjala, Dr. Aleisha Associate Professor of Political Science 574-1286 DH 221
Karner, Dr. Karen Director of John Morris Speech-Language Pathology Clinic / Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology 574-1274 GH 116A
Keester, Tricia Custodian N/A N/A
Kelley, Dr. Sean Professor of Physical Education 574-1248 PE 110
Kimbro, Shaylee Director of Child Development Center, and Instructor of Early Childhood Education 574-1230 GH 101A
Kinzinger, Angela Custodian N/A N/A
Knapp, Jacquelyn  Professor of Art, Art Department Coordinator 574-1302 DH 309
Kopepassah, Ashley Administrative Assistant (part-time), NASNTI Title II Grant 574-1351 TH 306
Lane, Chisum Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball 574-1384 TH 108
Lasseter, Stephen Custodian, Security Officer (part-time) N/A N/A
Lawrence, April Admissions Counselor & Assistant Director of Recruitment Strategies 574-1338 TH 225C
Lawson Court Apartments Shores, Bobbie 574-3603 SC 304
Layman, Dr. Sarah Associate Professor of Education 574-1231 GH 206D
Linton, Linn Custodian N/A N/A
London, Ginger Academic Technology Administrator 574-1385 GH 206A
Long, Dr. Jennifer Chair of IDS Studies & Curriculum, and Professor of Economics 574-1217 TH 317
Loutsch, Dr. Jeannette Associate Professor of Biology 574-1325 AH 207
Malmstrom, Priscilla Visiting Instructor of Mathematics/Statistics 574-1259 AH 210B
Matthews, Darrick Head Coach, Women's Basketball  574-1257 FH 102
Maxson, Dr. Krista Vice President for Academic Affairs 574-1309 TH 215
Mayo, Rhonda Library Assistant, Nash Library 574-1263 NL 205
McClellan, Misti Director of Alumni Development 574-1320 TH 126
McCoy, Linda Instructor in Speech-Language Pathology 574-1256 GH 116E
McElroy, Dr. Linda Assistant Professor of Education 574-1219 GH 206F
McGrew, Zachary Media Manager, Communications & Marketing 574-1362 TH 103
McMonagle, Nicole Library Assistant II, Nash Library 574-1341 NL 204
McNabb, Vanessa Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs 574-1221 TH 215
McPherson, Brisco Athletic Director 574-1249 FH 100
Monroe, Kelli Advisement Specialist / Activity Director 574-1267 NL 306
Morgan, Blake Assistant Professor of Art 574-1303 DH 311
Nash Library Front Desk  574-1343 Main Floor
Newbrough, Robert Instructor in Accounting  574-1266 TH 307
Nobbs Wellness Center Front Desk  574-1373 2nd floor, SC N/A
Nuñez, Michael Recruitment and Admissions Specialist 574-1367 TH 225
Orsi, Tony Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer 574-1308 PE 115
Osborn, Dr. Nancy Professor of Physical Education 574-1246 PE 112
Oxenford, Dr. Leah Lab Coordinator and Assistant Professor 574-1296 AH 110A
Paradiso, Carolyne Director, Oklahoma School for the Deaf                                                                                                                                                       574-3630 CH 114
Parsons, Brenda Lead Sales Associate, Bookstore (Texas Book Company) 574-1304 Student Center
Paul, Chelsea Recruitment and Admissions Specialist 574-1391 TH 225
Pena, Rafael Assistant Coach, Baseball 574-1345 PE 108
Perri, Cathy  Assistant to the President & Director of Autism Spectrum Support Program (Neill-Wint Center for Neurodiversity) 574-1293 NL 303
Perry, Catelyn Director of Counseling, Disability & Career Services 574-1326 SC 305
Phillips, Chelsea Registrar & Director of Enrollment & Records, & Veteran's Office Coordinator 574-1205 TH 204
Pool, Daniel Assessment Coordinator 574-1281 TH 318A
Pool, Katelin Enrollment and Records Specialist 574-1204 TH 204
Pool, Russell Security Officer 405-222-8066 SH Security Office
Rees, Dr. Shelley Professor of English, English Department Coordinator 574-1244 DH 222C
Reynolds, Matthew Deaf Education Coordinator, Instructor of Deaf Education 574-1273 CH 212
Risinger, Sean Autism Spectrum Support Program Coordinator of Autism Spectrum Support Program (Neill-Wint Center for Neurodiversity) 574-1389 TH 118B
Rogers, Robyn Financial Aid Specialist (student loans) 574-1353 TH 112
Ross, Mike Head Coach, Baseball / Fitness Center Coordinator 574-1228 PE 108
Saliba, Don Security Officer (part-time) 405-222-8066 SH Security Office
Sanders, Dr. JC Chair of the Division of Science & Physical Education, and Associate Professor of Physics 574-1258 AH 211A
Sanders, Joyce Executive Assistant to the President & Secretary to USAO Board of Regents 574-1201 TH 210
Sanders, Katie Finance Clerk, Business Office 574-1213 TH 220
Sartin, Randy Custodian N/A N/A
Schlehuber, Honey (Rose) Security Officer 405-222-8066 SH Security Office
Scott, Lucretia "Cricket" Head Groundskeeper N/A N/A
Sekula, Dr. Kate Assistant Professor of Music 574-1288 DH 234
Shaw, Dr. Jason  Associate Professor of Biology 574-1292 AH 210C
Shores, Bobbie Admissions Counselor / Lawson Court Housing Director 574-3603 SC 304
Siddiqui, Adeel Director of Network Services, Library and Information Technology Services 574-1319 AH 113
Simpson, Dr. Zach Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies 574-1381 DH 204C
Sodexo Campus Services General Manager 574-1254 Student Center, Cafeteria
Stancil, Garrett Recruitment and Admissions Specialist 574-1340 TH 225
Steele, Dr. Misty Title III Director of Student Success Center / Assistant Professor of Psychology 574-1376 NL 304 / DH 204D
Tartsah, Michael Custodian N/A N/A
Texas Book Company Guerrero, Sheila (Manager) 574-1304 Student Center
Thomas, Eileen Administrative Assistant, Education & Speech-Language Pathology (PART-TIME) 574-1328 GH 106A
Thomas, Dr. Peter Professor of Education/Science 574-1232 AH 110B
Thrift, Layne Associate Professor of Art, and Nesbitt Gallery Director 574-1374 DH 113
Tinder, Justin Sports Information Director, Communications & Marketing 574-1210 TH 107
Tran, Dr. Quan Associate Professor of Mathematics 574-1276 AH 204
Treviño, Monica Vice President for Enrollment Management 574-1226 TH 218
Turner, LD HVAC Technician Apprentice 574-1227 Steam Plant
Vaughn, Dr. James Chair of the Division of Social Sciences & Business, and Associate Professor of Psychology 574-1327 DH 204A
Vliet, Marcia Instructor of IDS & English Education (Alternative Certification) 574-1382 DH 222B
Vinyard, Jordan Assistant Professor of Art 574-1301 DH 313
Wallis, Jadyn Head Coach, Women's Softball 574-1260 PE 109
Warner, Tammy General Manager, Sodexo - Campus Services 574-1254 Student Center, Cafeteria
Warren, Jennifer Administrative Assistant for Sodexo Campus Services 224-6050 Student Center, Cafeteria
Wetherbee, Dr. Ben Instructor of Interdisciplinary Studies 574-1394 DH 219B
Webb, Logan Graphic Designer, Communications & Marketing 574-1383 TH 103
Weber, Dr. Stephen Chair of Arts & Humanities, and Associate Professor of Music 574-1295 DH 236
Welch, Dr. James Associate Professor of History 574-1283 DH 119A
West, Sam Groundskeeper N/A N/A
White, Rebecca Custodian, Housing N/A N/A
Wijkowski, Laura Administrative Assistant for Alumni Office 574-1290 TH 126
Wilson, K'reen Financial Aid Specialist (work-study) 574-1251 TH 112
Wollenberg, Chad Coordinator for Recruitment and Admissions 574-1272 TH 225
Wood, Brandon Visiting Assistant Professor of Art 574-1287 DH 305
Yokum, Dwight Staff Accountant / Accounts Payable Specialist, Business Office 574-1334 TH 220